Tearing Me Apart;

I walked away from all of my social media today, minus this blog. Simply because I need somewhere to use as an outlet. I have so much going on lately but I don’t even want to burden someone talking about it.

You know how cars freak out when they get backed into a corner? That’s what I’m feeling currently. It’s the best way I can describe it. My life is going in so many directions, some good and some scary. My depression and anxiety are really getting to me.

“Why do you feel backed into a corner?”

I’m stuck in this corner, my life and mental illness are in front of me. Opposite sides, but both there. They keep pushing me back and pushing me back. But now I am in this corner.

My life wants and needs to battle these demons, but here I am, cowering in the corner hoping one day it’ll all just balance itself out or go away.

It gets better right? 




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