Stay at Home Mom Rant;

Two years ago today, I became a stay at home mother. I stepped away from my job at Wal-Mart because I felt it was the best thing for my son. I am still a stay at home mother and I know a lot of people judge me or look down on me for that.  It hurts knowing that I’m being judged for doing what I think is the best thing for my son.
I babysit, I clean houses. I’m not living off of anyone. I may not be working a 9 to 5 job, but I still bust my ass to make sure my son’s life is a good one. Yes, we live with my mother currently and that’s perfectly okay. Guess what? Two years ago, I had dreams and goals I wanted to achieve and I threw every single bit of that away because I got my heart broken. I gave up on myself, I gave up on everything I had begun.
But for those judging me, I hope you know I’m going back to school. I reapplied for every single goal I once had. I plan on staying home with my child until he starts school, just like I planned before. I found my strengths again, and I’m going to prove every single one of you ugly humans wrong. Being a stay at home mother going to college makes me no less of a good mom than those of you working long hours at a job. Don’t judge me for doing the best that I can with what I have.

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  1. There is absolutely nothing more important than being a mother. You don’t have to justify your life choices to anyone. Just do what is best for your little family and live the life God gives you to live. 😘

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