You’re Captivating Heart by Stasi Eldredge;

Hello, friend and fellow readers! My last post may very well give away why I began reading this book. It was given to me years ago by a church friend, and I never picked it up. I strayed from God’s path for some time now, this book was my attempt at getting it right this time around.

As women, we constantly are in search of one thing: Romance. We want to be romanced, we want to be loved, we want to be desired, we want someone to fight for us, and show us we are worthy. It’s in our hearts from the moment we watch our favorite Princess movie or read about it in a book. Guess what? God gives us that love we are forever longing.

This book can really help you realize that you’re looking at life all wrong. God wants to captivate our hearts, He wants our love. He showed us his love by Jesus on the cross. He gave us His one and only child, to forgive us of our sins. We never have to fear not being good enough or not being loved.

God loves us enough.



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