Life Changes;

“Don’t think about the past, don’t think about the pain. Look at me, everything is going to be okay. Trust me, none of this can hurt you. Just keep your eyes on me, I’m not going anywhere.”

This quote is from “The Shack” and it really hit home with me tonight. The entire movie truly felt like it was meant for me, plus I picked it out to watch. I feel like maybe this was God reaching out to me, calling me back to Him. With the things I went through the past year and a half, I haven’t done my best to allow Him into my life. I pushed Him away, I blamed Him for all of the pain I went through. I was angered with God and I let it consume me my life completely.

I couldn’t understand how such an all loving God could allow His daughter to go through so much sadness. I was too caught up in my sadness to realize He was with me. He got me through it. I tell people day in and day out “Let Go, Let God.” I never took my own advice, when I should have. All I could see was my pain and I lost sight of Him. No matter what I blamed him for, no matter how far I pushed Him out of my life; He loved me through it.

Just because God works good through the bad, doesn’t mean He orchestrated the bad in life. I have to remember this. I believe it’s time I work on my relationship with God, one more time. I think He’s been waiting for me to realize this. I think my idea to watch this movie was all a part of His plan for me. I also need to work on forgiving things and letting this anger inside me go, so they will no longer consume my life.

I apologize for the rant, guys. I thought maybe my realizations would someone else’s life. Have a good night. 



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