Psycho A Novel by Robert Bloch;

When the A&E hit television series Bates Motel first came out, I was hooked. I stayed loyal to the show all the way until the end. When it was finally over after only five seasons, I needed more. I had never seen the movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock and I didn’t even realize there was a novel that it was all based on. When I found this out, I had to have it. Thankfully my boyfriend loves me and he got it for me.

Psycho is a novel about a forty year old man named Norman Bates, I know what you’re thinking, completely different from the show. I was surprised also, the show almost has nothing to do with the book. Not at least until the end. Norman is a very sick man, in all aspects of the word.

His love for his mother is a strong one even if everyone believes she has been dead for twenty years. The novel takes many, many twists. It was amazing from beginning to end, it is one of those reads that you can not put down. It captivates you from beginning to end, quite literally.

I can’t say much without spoiling it for you guys, but I highly recommend all of you pick it up! I’ll link it down below.


Amazon Link:


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