Malevolent by Jana DeLeon;

Hey guys! If you are really into thrilling and suspenseful stories, I highly recommend this book! It is the first of a three book series about Shay Archer. I was able to snag this one for free, it is the eBook version for my kindle.

This story has two main characters, Emma Frederick and Shay Archer. Emma is a sweet woman working as a nurse in the town’s hospital. A few years before she had almost been murdered by her abusive husband, but she was able to kill him first. The nightmares of that night still plague her, she is hoping to overcome it.

Unfortunately for her, someone is on the hunt to kill her. She hires Shay Archer, a private investigator, to help her find out what is going on. The plot twists in this story are amazing! I was not able to put this book down, I read it from cover to cover. You will be completely in shock when you find out what has happened to this poor woman and the life of lies she lived.

Pick it up today on Amazon, the eBook is still free! You won’t be sorry.


Amazon Link:


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