As of Late;

I have not been posting like I should, nor have I been reading like I was. I am currently going through a lot, good and bad. As of late, my bed is the one place I want to be. I do not wish to speak to people, I do not wish to use my phone. I just lay here. That is when I’m not taking care of my little one, of course. He is constantly taken care of and shown love. Even if it means cuddling up in bed with mommy. My anxiety and depression are beginning to take their toll on me, I have constant headaches which make reading difficult. But, I promise you guys I haven’t given up on my youtube channel, nor have I given up on doing the reviews.

I am currently reading the first book in the Game of Thrones series, The Princess Bride, and The Freedom Writer’s Diary. I am nearly finished with Game of Thrones and the review will be up the day I finish! I am going to get out of this funk eventually, I promise.




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