Mama Knows Best;

As a single mother, I do not HAVE to allow anyone into the life of my child. I don’t care if you’re blood. If you’re toxic to me, you’re toxic to my child. With that being said, sometimes you can be more toxic to my child than you can be to me. I vowed to always protect his heart, until death do me part.

It’s no longer about me and my heart, it is about him and what it best for him. If you choose to put material things in front of being a part of his life, that’s on you. I have no desire to have my son around someone that doesn’t want to be around. If you’re not fighting for my sons love like I do every single day, then you’re not welcome in his life. It’s simple, really.

You’re the one that will regret it. Someday, you’ll wish you were a better man. We won’t sit around waiting on that day.



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