Public Service Announcement;

I am a 24 year old mother. I have recently gone through a horrible breakup that will eventually become DIVORCE. Have some tips on how NOT to treat a heartbroken girl.

1. Don’t constantly tell me how pretty you think I am.
2. Don’t try to make slick comments, I know you want nudes. I HAVE AMAZING BOOBS YOU WILL NEVER SEE.
3. Don’t text me and “just let me know” how big of a crush you had on me in highschool. Dude, I graduated SIX fucking years ago, swerve.
4. I know you’re married and about to have a baby, don’t you dare try hitting on me and trying to send dick pictures. LOVE YOUR WIFE. I know that pain and would NEVER wish it on any one.

I’m a girl with morals, not a homewrecker.

I’m heartbroken, not stupid. I moved 1700 miles away for a reason. I will not rebound sex you. I will not “sex buddy” sex you.

Get the hint? I won’t sleep with you, nor show you my titties.

I’m a mother, not a whore.



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