Please Excuse My Language;

I don’t care how depressed you think you are, it has nothing on the mess you’ve made of my fucking life. I will not pity you. YOU CHOSE THIS. YOU DID THIS. YOU WALKED AWAY.

Don’t you dare tell someone you don’t care about my depression and then turn around and expect me to care about yours.

You gave up on me. You stopped having the rights over my care when you chose to lay with another woman.

You didn’t want me, you don’t deserve my pity. I will not feel sorry for you, because you are a horrible human being. You are a monster compared to what I married. I love you, but I don’t care about your feelings anymore.

You gave me permission to leave. I don’t need screenshots of the texts you sent me. I blocked your number for a reason. I don’t care how sad you are around your new girl. I hope it eats you alive like it has done to me for SIX months. All I wanted was happiness. All I wanted was YOU.

But you walked away, you don’t care remember? Please don’t play dumb with me.

Go get your dick sucked by your old lady, I’m too busy raising your baby.



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