Protect His Heart;

I was finally able to find it within myself to block you from all social media accounts, and your telephone number. It has eaten me alive from the inside out ever since I made that step. But, I have a child. A child with an innocent heart, a heart that doesn’t know the pain mine does.

You abandoned us, you chose her and we chose Arizona. You told me to leave, you hacked into my phone and deleted all evidence I had against you. You know what you did. I am no longer going to play your games, I am the victim here. I am not the bad guy. You will not paint me to be this person. I know where my faults lie, but they are not what put me in this situation. You put me in this situation, you are at fault. You stepped out on your wife, you walked away from your son. We are your family, but that means nothing.

The straw that broke the camels back? The screenshots your sister sent to me of you dogging her for supporting me, being mad at her for not being friends with the home wrecker. The worst of them? Where you said you didn’t feel bad for me, because I caused this. HOW? I didn’t push you into the arms of another woman.

I’m not just protecting my heart anymore, I’m protecting my sons. I must protect his heart.



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