Discipline Rant;

As I type this, there is a little pantless one year crawling all over me trying to climb off the bed simply because I told him no.

He never listens when I tell him not to do something. He slaps me. He screams at me. He runs away from me every chance he gets. It gets frustrating.

But then there are the times he kisses me when I ask for love, he sits in my lap to watch cartoons, he cries for me if I leave his sight. Those moments make the frustrating ones mean nothing to me.

A friend asked me not too long ago if I spank him. The answer is no. That is probably a bad thing, people will probably say I’m raising a horrible and spoilt child. But, I do punish him. I take him away from the things getting him in trouble, I sit and talk to him. Yes, he’s one, but he will understand perfectly one day. I have spanked him before, I felt absolutely horrible about it later on.

My child will learn right from wrong, I don’t have to spank him to do that. But, I would never judge how other mothers discipline. It doesn’t make you a horrible mother if you spank, and it doesn’t make you a horrible mother if you don’t.



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